The sea air wafts in from the north, Windvale is a small city located on The Grey Sea and has a large shipping trade. It is located on the Sodombriar Maplepoint Trade Route. It has some degree of fishing however the grey sea has many dangers beasts that lurk waiting to pull ships in to the deep unforgiving waters. To the West and South there is forests and meadows. Around Windvale the forests have been logged to accommodate for farming. It has rolling hills to the east that contain the old Windvale Estate; the home of past warlords. It now lays abandon and crumbling. It hasn’t been occupied sense the Eighth King took the thrown.

Due to frequent pirate and goblin raids, the town shows many exempts to make the place defend-able. It has a wall that is mainly made of stone, and has obviously be modified multiple times over the many years. The main harbor has a wall around it; however, it is apparent that there was more space needed they extended the harbor.


The Keep

The keep is near the center of the town. It has all of the people that are in charge of the town. Meaning the people that carry out the kings orders. It is also the home to the center of the city guard.

The Temple

Windvale has a temple that mainly prays to the god of the seas. Yet, because of Windvale’s diverse population it has alters for most of the major gods.

Inns and Taverns

Windvale has 3 Inns.
-The Bloody Dagger
-The Minstrel Inn
-Glass Devil’s Inn

The Market

Windvale’s market has many of the normal crafts men that you might find in a small city. It has a blacksmith and jeweler etc. However, It also has some magical based trades because of it’s location between the Sodombriar and Maplepoint academies of magic.


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